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Welcome to the Musimap API documentation!

You can use the Musimap's API to search through over 2 billion music facts and connections. Data is stored in a graph database, which you can query using familiar REST HTTP calls. This document specifies the set of HTTP methods exposed by the Musimap's API.

All URLs related to Musimap's API share a common base path: https://api.musimap.net

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Musimap is a large network of relationships between Genres, Artists, Albums and Tracks.
Each of them are expertized into several parameters such as Keywords, Moods, Situations,etc.


Musimap must protect users, content providers, and its software and service while at the same time enable you to create applications. Hence, you are required to comply with the following terms.

  • Before you start developing anything using Musimap's API, you need to read and abide by the full Terms Of Service.

  • Please use an identifiable User-Agent header on all requests. It will help our logging and reduce the risk for you to get banned.

  • Use common sense when deciding how many calls to make. For example, if you are making a web application, try not to hit the API on page load. Your account may be suspended if your application is continuously making several calls per second.

  • Do not use the API or feeds in connection with anything that promotes or takes part in any products, services, or materials that we would consider malicious, hateful, or illegal.

  • You may not sell, lease, share, transfer, or sub-license the API or feeds or access to the API to any other party other than the API key holder. You can cache our data to lighten bandwidth and improve latency.


All requests made to Musimap's API must be signed with an API key.
The API key used in this document is for demonstration purposes only. It should not be used for any other application as it is rate limited and restricted by IP.


Musimap configured its Support Channel on Slack - a free real-time messaging, archiving and search application that brings all our communication together in one place.
Hackers and developers are welcome to access such channel to exchange directly with Musimap team on any technical query they may have.
In order to join the support channel, you may contact slack@musimap.com and request to be invited to the chat application.