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Welcome to our branding guidelines and assets! We'd like to make it as easy as possible for you to integrate Musimap's logo and assets in your content while respecting our graphic rules.

Here you can find every asset you may need for your Musimap-related content creation.


musimap logo banner

The Logotype exists with its signature - Cognitive Technologies - and without. You can use one or the other depending on the support: favoring the logotype with signature when the size requirement is enough to keep the signature legible, and the logotype without signature when the size requirement is too small.

musimap logo icon
musimap logo icon


musimap icon colored
musimap icon black and white

Musimap's Icon - M - works separately from the logo. It can exist independently and on different supports of communication, whether it is on letter paper, as a stamp, or on any of the brand's recognizable elements.

Exclusion Zone

musimap exclusion zone rule

The Exclusion Zone around the logotype exists to protect its visibility and readability. No graphical element (e.g., logo, title, object, writing, etc.) shall appear within such area.

Minimum Size

musimap minimal size

So that the Logo remains visible and readable at any time, its minimum size shall always be` 40 millimeters.

Logo Misuse

What not to do:

musimap logo misuse part1
musimap logo misuse part2

1. Do not change the logotype's colors.
2. Do not change or replace the typography.
3. Do not change the shape of the logo.
4. Do not modify the space between letters.
5. Do not modify the proportions between the logo and the typography.
6. Do not tilt the logo and/or the typography.
7. Do not add blocs to the logotype.
8. Do not add text to the logotype.


The colors composing the Logo are three main palettes.
The main color and our identity is the blue. In total, 3 blues are used to color the Technology theme.
The yellow underlines the singularity of the Music and its uniqueness, in other words, the music DNA.
The black comes with all those colors to solve any readability issue on the font.

musimap main color 1
musimap main color 2

musimap main color 3
musimap main color 4
musimap main color 5

Secondary Colors

musimap secondary color

Mood Colors

musimap mood color

Our Fonts

MontSerrat & Karla

Montserrat is the main typography of Musimap. It must be used on all print and web communication media. It is available in Regular and Bold.

musimap main font
musimap secondary font

Secondary font

Karla is the secondary font of Musimap. It shall be used in every communication support, print or web. It comes in Regular and Italic/Bold, Italic-Bold.
The usage of the fonts displayed here is critical to the uniformity of the graphics on every communication support.

musimap secondary font

Restrictions on Logo

Logo on light background

musimap logo light1
musimap logo light2
musimap logo light3

On a light background, whether a color or an image, the logo must remain visible and readable. We will then go with the colored logotype, to put on neutral areas.

musimap logo light4
musimap logo light5
musimap logo light6

On a dark background, whether a color or an image, the logo must remain visible and readable. We will then go with the white logotype, to put on neutral areas

Thank You

Should you have any questions on the above, or any need not addressed in this sections, feel free to contact us at: info@musimap.com.

Download all our assets: here