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Musimap's four interrelated APIs scan its granular proprietary database and match the data with any client's catalogue. Such technology allows music discovery at scale as well as the creation of advanced music applications from hands-free playlist generation to hands-on intuitive exploration and navigation.

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Musimap's set of APIs has access to one of the most exhaustive and thorough database available in the market. The database includes 2B+ data points, 1,5M relations, 50M+ tracks (of which 25M are fully populated) and 4M+ artists.

    • 390 GENRES

      Genres of music, also named styles, are lexicological terms used to describe a united movement in the history of music. Each genre of music is in a system of weighted relations with the other genres, artists, albums or tracks.

    • 4+M ARTISTS

      An artist is an Owner when he / she is the author or a rights owner of an album and a performer when he / she is just one of the performing artist to be heard on the album.Some artists are never « owner « of an album.

    • 30+M TRACKS

      A track is a composition included in an « album », which has cover artwork and is performed by one or more artists. This track could be included in few different albums linked as « Taken from » to the first release of the track.

    • 400 MOODS

      Musimap defined 6 families of Moods, each subsequently divided in 3 sub-groups. This meaning 18 sub-moods families, each containing groups of semantic words, each specifying particular nuanced emotions (400 complex moods) - together enclosing the whole palette of human emotions.

    • 100 SITUATIONS

      Because you don't listen to the same music at the beach or at a candle lights dinner, Musimap defined 100 contexts for when and where the type of music fits the best. The music follows you how you are.

    • 11K KEYWORDS

      Keywords do not qualify a specific genre of music but rather are the semantic words commonly used (SC remove: in music vocabulary) to describe music. Such keywords include sub-genres and musical words. (E.g. Trap Music, A Capella etc.)


      Use up to 55 parameters to quickly find the right track. Do not hesitate to qualify your search with BPM, Keys, Rhythmic patterns, Instruments, Range of voices, Testier, Keywords, Emotions , Languages...


      Based on several weighted parameters, our search engine allows unprecedented relevance in music recommendation. Your track will be compared with all the tracks included in our database.


      All of Musimap’s Genres, Artists, Albums and Tracks give you the infos of our expertise. They are related to the others with a weighted percentage. Informations are the results of our data-mining and the human expertise.


Genres Screenshot

How Genres are related

Genres of music, also named styles, are lexicological terms (words) used to describe a united movement in the history of music. Each genre of music is in a system of weighted relations with the other genres.

Properties Screenshot

Which words for my track ?

Each track of the global catalogue is positioned in a system of cross-influences. The graph allows you to visualize the properties, the moods and the genres (nodes) that have influenced a specific track.

Pingtrax Screenshot


The first emotion-sensitive music search engine aimed at empowering audiovisual professionals via music recommendation of unprecedented relevancy and accuracy.

Catalog Screenshot


Get the musical profile of Barack Obama with the token : henjzcrvycmo.

Years Screenshot

Genres by years

The chart allows to visualize the evolution of genres in time in function of the number of albums published by their respective pioneers and ambassadors.

Audio Analysis Screenshot

Audio Electro Analysis

Upload an audio file and get in realtime the expertise for several parameters including main moods.


Musimap configured its Support Channel on Slack - a free real-time messaging, archiving and search application that brings all our communication together in one place.

Hackers and developers are welcome to access such channel to exchange directly with Musimap team on any technical query they may have.

In order to join the support channel, you may contact and request to be invited to the chat application.