The first emotion-sensitive music API
to deliver top-tier intelligent music experience

Take profit of an extant music database owning the largest granularity and emotional content to date.

Need an easy way to improve your musical apps?

Musimap is perfect for novice developers and experts alike.

Offering access to a database of unmatched granularity.

Our humanized algorithm comprehends nuances of emotions (400+ complex moods), understands them in any given context (100+ situations) and interprets their complexity through our extensive lexicology (11+ thousand keywords) - an unmatched level of semantic clustering. Additionally – through our psych-emotional profiling of songs, artists, albums, genres, etc. – we generate users' (or brands') socio-psychological and musicological profiling. Such exhaustive granularity allows us to deliver an unprecedented level of accuracy in personalized music recommendation and allows search by complex soundalikes (at song's level), powerful search engines, curation at scale and the creation of advanced music applications from hands-free playlist generation to hands-on intuitive exploration and navigation interfaces..


Providing clients with prescriptive, suggestive and instructive music intelligence.

Our cognitive technologies present a competitive edge to all companies that use music as part of their offering, namely businesses operating in Media (digital TV, digital radio), E-Commerce (search engines, cultural products), Artificial Intelligence (virtual digital assistants), Advertising (communication or sound branding agencies), Automotive (connected cars), Social Media (dating platforms), Healthcare (well-being or therapy centers), and Music (streamers, catalogue owners).

Our API serves as a matrix enabling our clients to create all sorts of advanced music services and applications to enhance their users' music experience via personalized dynamic music recommendation.


A technology at the forefront of cognitive computing applied to music.

With the premises of fostering technology disruption in music recommendation, our human-fused emotion-sensitive artificial intelligence is best placed to serve different industry markets and empower business with a cognitive assistant that can guide end users to optimal music content according their emotions, mindsets, contexts, behaviors, and tastes.

Such technology relies on a socio-psychological and musicological approach and knowledge-based mood system coupled with a system operating on lexicological and expert data, audio signal analysis and AI layer to detect a nuanced system of moods and emotions – a singular technology ready to play a pivotal role in the shaping of the industry and growth of the markets we operate in.